Help! I'm experiencing an issue with the game. What can I do?

If you are experiencing any issues with Hooked on You, it is recommended to try the following troubleshooting steps to see if it helps:

Relaunch Steam and Hooked on You

Restarting both the Steam application and the game may resolve any technical issues you are experiencing with the game.

Verify Game Files

1. Right-click on Hooked on You in your Steam library

2. Select "Properties"


3. Select "Local Files" on the left-hand side


4. Select "Verify Integrity of game files..."


5. Steam will start verifying the Hooked on You game files - this process can take up to a few minutes.

Reinstall Hooked on You

Important: Please remember to backup your save file before uninstalling, as there is risk of losing your save file.

1. From your Library, right-click on Hooked on You

2. Hover over 'Manage' then click on 'Uninstall" - this process can take up to a few minutes


3. Once Hooked on You is done uninstalling, right-click the game and select "Install"



If you've tried all these troubleshooting steps and your issue hasn't been resolved you can contact the front desk here.

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